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Time investments:
Bonding. Spending time with your puppy is essential to bonding with him. Make sure you have a few days available to spend with your puppy when you first bring him home. For example, you might want to bring your puppy home on a Friday so you have the weekend together. It’s important that it is you who is there for these first few days, so that your pup forms his initial bond with you.

After this initial getting to know each other you may not have the same amount of time to devote to your puppy. That is okay, as long as you make sure his needs are met while you are out and that your pup isn’t alone for extended periods. Although spending time with your puppy might sound like something that is easy to do you will need to make time for this everyday. Which means missing the occasional social event to spend time with your pup, and waking earlier than usual to walk, feed and play with him. This is important throughout your puppy’s life, and particularly important during his first weeks with you. If your schedule doesn’t allow for this it is best not to get a puppy.

Training. Happy, well-behaved puppies are puppies that have been trained. House-training your pup comes first, and takes patience as well as time. After this the basic commands, such as “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “down” and “heel” will need to be taught. These commands are often best learned in a training class, especially if you have not trained a puppy before. This will involve a commitment to the class, and time spent reviewing the class instruction at home in short, daily training sessions.

Training is ongoing – it will continue throughout your puppy’s life. It is also essential. It will help keep your puppy safe and happy by giving him a language you can share, and by letting your pup know what is expected of him.

Exercise. All puppies need daily exercise to be healthy. Exercise also helps puppies release excess energy in a positive way, instead of chewing on your valuables. When you first bring your puppy home he will get all the exercise he needs through playtime, but as he grows his exercise requirements will increase.

Grooming. Depending on breed and coat type, some puppies, for example Poodles, may need more grooming than others. However, all pups will need regular brushing as well as home health checks that include cleaning of ears and teeth, trimming of toenails and flea control. Read more about grooming.

Financial investments
Not only does having a puppy mean spending time with him, it also means spending the necessary money to ensure his health and happiness. Right from the start your puppy will need a leash and collar, a bed and crate, toys and good quality puppy food, such as PEDIGREE® Healthy Start. As he gets older you may decide to enroll your puppy in training classes or board him in a kennel while you are away on vacation. Your puppy will also need vet care throughout his life – for vaccinations, health checks, spaying or neutering and any illnesses or emergencies.

It’s so easy to fall in love with a puppy at first sight, but to ensure a happy and healthy relationship it’s important to recognize the time and financial investment involved with raising a puppy. If you’re ready for this, congratulations – you have a lot to look forward to with your puppy!

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