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Puppy Sales Agreement


Be advised that the Native American Indian Dog (NAID) is a very social animal and almost all the time needs the companionship of another dog or someone home at all times. If you cannot have more than one dog or have someone home all the time, the NAID may not be the right breed of dog for you.

 All NAID’s will be fed and treated humanely with proper veterinarian care by their new owners. No NAID is sold as a total house dog or an apartment dog. There must be a suitable containment area for the animal to be able to run and play off leash at will. No NAID may be chained to a stationary object (i.e. a tree) but can be allowed to run on a cable system.

 Adding a puppy to your home is just like bringing a baby into your family. The puppy will require a good deal of time, attention and training to help them become the loving family member you desire.  The NAID is a highly intuitive breed and will sense the presence of any negative feelings or energies in the household, whether directed toward the dog or other family members. This can lead to training and behavioral issues. Therefore, all members of the household must want this puppy and be committed to its training. Formal obedience classes are highly recommended. Terra Pines cannot be responsible for behavioral or socialization problems resulting from inconsistent, improper or lack of training.

 A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the NAID pup you prefer. Deposit must be received within 7 days of selecting your pup or the pup will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. The remaining balance must be paid on or before the date the puppy is picked up or delivered to you.

 Terra Pines does not allow pups to be shipped alone under any circumstances. Therefore, you must be able to pick up your pup in person by one of the following methods:

 1.     Driving to our facility.

2.     Meeting us at a pre-determined, mutually agreed upon location to pick up your puppy.

3.     Flying to an airport in Michigan and returning home with the pup as carry on.

 Due to the highly loyal and social nature of the NAID, it is in the pups and your family’s best interest to pick up your new puppy as soon as possible. The NAID mothers have fully weaned their puppies by approximately 6 weeks of age and the pups must begin bonding with their new owners as soon as possible.

 All pups sold will be free from internal and external parasites and have at least the first puppy vaccination administered before leaving Terra Pines. A certified veterinarian health check will accompany all Terra Pines pups. Terra Pines is not responsible for any illnesses, injuries or a disease incurred after the pup leaves Terra Pines premises.

 Refunds are only given in the rare case of a genetic defect that occurs up to two years of age.  If a genetic defect is detected prior to age 2, two written diagnoses from two different practicing veterinarians must be sent to Terra Pines. Based on the veterinarian recommendation one of two scenarios may occur:

 1.     If recommended by the veterinarians, the owner will pay for the pup to be euthanised. Upon proof of the procedure, Terra Pines will then provide the customer’s choice of either a replacement pup from the next litter born or a refund of the original cost of the puppy.

2.     If the veterinarian states that the puppy can still have an excellent quality of life (i.e. free from pain) and the owner agrees to provide any care necessary to maintain such quality of life, the owner may choose to keep the puppy. Upon receipt of a statement from the veterinarian outlining the care necessary for the puppy and a written agreement from the owner to provide such care, Terra Pines will refund one half of the purchase price of the puppy.

 All puppies sold must be spayed or neutered by 10 months of age. Terra Pines will refund the cost of spay or neuter up to $100 per puppy upon receipt of proof that the procedure was completed.

 This document is legal and binding. Failure to comply with any portion of this agreement will result in the purchaser whose signature appears below paying all legal, court and travel costs incurred if the owner must be pursued for negligence in this legal contract.  This document must be signed, dated and returned to Terra Pines when the original $100.00 non-refundable deposit is made.


Signature of Purchaser: ________________________________                 Print Name: ___________________________

Date: ______________


Signed by Terra Pines owner: ____________________________               Print Name: ___________________________

Date: ______________


Witnessed by: _________________________________________   Print Name: ___________________________

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Revised 4/2013



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