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Prices and refunds subject to change at any time at the discretion of Terra Pines


$1,200 any pup, any color

Spay/Neuter refund - cost of procedure up to a maximum of $100

Must show proof of spay/neuter and must be done prior to 10 months of age to receive the refund


For information about transportation please see the Getting My Puppy page

We now offer a payment plan! Please click below to review the details.

Payment Plan

A Sales Agreement must be signed when placing a deposit for a puppy. To view this agreement, Click Here

We own and breed the Native American Indian Dog out of a love for the breed. We do not force our dogs to mate. We can only estimate when a female will go in heat and leave the rest up to nature. Therefore, we cannot guarantee when or if litters will be available. All of our females typically only go in heat once a year, in the fall months. Any litters that may be produced from that mating cycle would be born between December and February.

We do keep a waiting list for those interested in purchasing a puppy. When a litter becomes available, we will contact each person on the waiting list (in the order we received their request) to determine if they are interested in a puppy from that litter.

Based on the number of people currently on the waiting list, the approximate wait time for new families added will be 12-18 months.

To request placement on the waiting list, Click Here.




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