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Kiba Kiya

Kody Liam

Loki Loki N

Maggy Mara

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Sabina Tala Koda 

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

Adoption Day
Kiya loves her new family in Connecticut. Especially since they also have Meesha from our January 2006 litters!

5 weeks

5 weeks

with Meesha

5 weeks

8 weeks

Very nice of Meesha to share her planter!

cuddling is the best!

8 weeks

There's Meesha, but where is Kiya?

found her!!
Friends of Kiya's family adopted Chief from our January 2011 litter.
meeting Chief

Kiya and Meesha had a play date with Cheyenne, another NAID from Terra Pines

Thank you, Dave & Betsy, for sharing new pictures of Kiya

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