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Our first and only priority is the safety, care, well being, and comfort of your puppy. Leaving Terra Pines is the first major change in your puppy's life. We must be certain that the experience is as pleasant and comforting as possible to insure that your puppy does not have any lasting effects regarding travel or major environment or family changes. 

In our years of breeding, we have used many methods of transportation, some with poor results for the puppy. Therefore, as of August 2007, we will only allow puppies to leave Terra Pines by one of the following methods:

1. The new owner drives to our home in Michigan and personally picks up their puppy. When using this option, there should be  more than one person traveling with the pup so that someone is available to comfort and care for the puppy during travel.

2. For those customers who are from a longer distance, we can most always arrange to meet at a location somewhere approximately half way between your home and ours to shorten the trip for you. Again, there should be more than one person traveling with the puppy at all times.

3. Customers can also fly to an airport in Michigan, we will meet you there with your puppy and then you can fly back with your puppy as carry on. Most airlines will allow this for an additional charge of around $100. Most customers find that Detroit Metro airport is the most cost effective. However, there are several other airports you can consider: Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint and Saginaw.

Once you have reserved a puppy, we will begin working with you to determine which of the above options will be the best for your family situation. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule, while keeping the pup's health and best interests in mind. Under no circumstances will a puppy be shipped alone via air or ground methods. Also, puppies will only be released to their new family; no third party will be allowed to pick up a puppy for you. Again, our only concern is the well being of your puppy and we want the transition into your family to be as smooth as possible. We understand that these methods may not be the most convenient or cost effective for you, but they are the best for your puppy.

If you will be flying to pick up your pup and taking him back as carry on, you will need a soft sided carrier that fits under the seat. Please check with your airline to determine the underseat dimensions and then choose the largest carrier that will fit. For carrier recommendations click here.




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