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...Her new trick is to climb up on the roof of our cars, and being a farm we have a few lying around.  However she has no discrimination as to which ones are OK.  She just likes to be high and look over her farm. ... I experienced something the other day that just warmed my heart.  Sabina can and does get in with the horse and goats at will.  She will entertain herself by chasing and playing with the goats.  They don't seem to be too threatened by her.  Then the other morning, when I was up feeding the horse, goats, and chickens.  Sabina had her head through the fence, and my horse was licking her whole face, as if she was her baby colt.  I have never seen her in the 6 years I've had her, ever lick anything.  It was pure love, and Sabina was totally enjoying it.  I was so happy to see that, because nothing gets along with my German Shepard.  He is such an alpha dog.  His hips are really failing him though, and I'm not sure how much time he has.  He's 13 y/o, still alert, but I've had to put him on prednisone, just to keep him able to walk. ... Wish I had more money. I'd buy another one of your dogs in a heart beat, but we're down to necessities."     Dianne 12/2009


"Max is five and a half months old now and he weighs about 50 pounds. He is a little bit of a picky eater, even with that he is the most wonderful dog we have ever had. He is sweet and calm and just the most loving creature. He is great with kids and other animals (even the cat is starting to warm up to him). He has a wonderful temperament, and is very intelligent; he is a problem solver. He's figured out that when his water bowl is empty he just needs to press the button on the fridge and he has all the water he wants. His training classes are going really well and he loves them. He really enjoys his morning walks in the park and he loves to play in the sprinklers after. Everywhere we take him people can't believe how relaxed and calm he is. He is just beautiful and wonderful, we absolutely love him. I get stopped all the time by people wanting to know what kind of dog he is and how they can get one...You guys breed quality dogs and you were great throughout the entire process. Thank you for Max."     Elsa 7/2009

Tala Koda

"Tala went on a little road trip with us last week and he loved it...We stopped by a friends house, they have a little beagle, Daisy, who is really afraid of men and when we took Tala over, she loved him and actually started going right up to Randy, the man of the house, because Tala would lay right at his feet...It really amazed him and his wife that Tala is just so calm around most everyone. Deb, Randy's wife, was really impressed. She does dog sitting and had heard lots of bad rumors about NAID's (not from Terra Pines, only [other breeders]) and really didn't like them because of what she heard, but Tala has definitely changed her mind about them, she just loves him!"     Jaymie 6/2009


"Izzy is 9 weeks old now. Izzy is doing great, training is a lot easier than it was with my husky. She is fully housetrained, asking for the door, no night accidents. Thanks for Izzy. I can't express how much joy she has brought the family."     Shelly 3/2009

"This is Izzy's 11 week pics and update... She is growing as expected and learning new verbal commands everyday. We go to the dog park 3 to 4 times per week...I have been walking her on the back trails (through the woods) and as we come to turns and obstacles in the path, I say commands in an attempt to get her familiar with the dog sledding terms. She is phenomenal with the progress I am seeing. I think that she is off to an excellent lead dog status."     Shelly 4/2009

Meesha & Kiya

"Meesha and Kiya are in cloud nine together. They are relentlessly playing together, and Kiya has no idea Meesha is 10 times her size. She is absolutely fearless! Meesha seems to know just how firm to play before hurting little Kiya. Two NAID's is the only way to go - I can see they will be lifelong buddies."     Dave 3/2009

"We've had a lot of great dogs, but Meesha continues to top the list in every category.....especially character."       Dave 3/2008

"Meesha is doing great. Took her to the White mountains last week. Let her off the lead and she didn't bold. She loves people, loves other dogs and continues to be a unique and very special member of the family. She continues to do very well with the radio fence. She runs free on the property and we never worry about her challenging the radio fence - unless the batteries go down. We had several coyote's howling outside our window the other evening. Meesha went crazy! She wanted so badly to go have a look."       Dave 9/2006

"Meesha has been completely won over. We abandoned the crate and suffered only a few casualties. She comes on command. It took the highest setting to train, but she has responded flawlessly to the radio fence. She is a character and to our GREAT surprise, Betsy hinted at a sister NAID in the future...."       Dave 7/2006

"Little Meesha is doing great! We didn't get home until Wednesday with the car problems, but she was a trooper in the hotel and it gave us a unique opportunity to get very comfortable with each other. Our dogs are slow to warm up to her, but she is desperately trying to get their attention. Thanks again for Meesha, she is absolutely precious. Betsy and the boys love her to death, and she is the easiest dog we have ever trained. We are crate training her at night and during the day when we have to step out. Once she is beyond the mega chewy stage, we will put the crate back in the attic."       Dave 3/2006


"Taro is one of the funniest/friendliest dogs I have ever met or had. Taro has an excellent temper .. and excellent with the kids ... tolerates kids rowdiness ... he is everybody's favorite ... he is still a baby though and wants all the attention ... He is a blessing to the family. He is so handsome .. a head turner ... everybody just says "awesome dog" ... He is a real blessing."     Bern 10/2008

Tehya & Nakai

"Here are some updated pictures of Tehya and Nakai. They are doing great! We really enjoy having them part of our family. We had a birthday party for our son on Friday with all his friends and Tehya and Nakai did wonderfully. They love people!!! Everyone comments on how beautiful they are and how well behaved they are. We just can't say enough good things about them. We love them!!"  Trish & Dan 5/2008

"Our first puppy class went great. Tehya did such a wonderful job. Nakai was a little unsure which was a little surprising. At home he's always the first to be obedient and Tehya likes to see just how far she can go. Anyway, they are both doing great!"       Trish & Dan 2/2008

"I just wanted to send a few pictures of Tehya and Nakai. I can't believe how fast they are growing. Nakai is a little lost if his sister isn't around but Tehya holds her own with or without him. They are doing great and adjusting well. Our kids have jumped right in and are a great help. My daughter still continues to say "I can't believe we have 2 dogs".       Trish & Dan 1/2008


"We recently got another puppy and they have become fast friends. It is amazing the change in her just from getting another dog. She is so much more mellow and laid back, I swear I see her smiling a lot. She just seems so much happier."     Melanie 5/2008

Takoda & Niko

"I just wanted to say that I met Takoda & Niko this past weekend while they were out for a walk and I instantly fell in love with the breed. I have never seen or even heard of this breed before our encounter but I must say they are the nicest, most gentle large breed that I have ever met. Our family has a Husky-German Shepherd mix named Chance that we love to death and I think that Chance would love to have a playmate. We'll see! Again, Beautiful dogs."     Doug 4/2008


"Just wanted you to know that Sadie is doing great. Everyone we encounter compliments on how beautiful and sweet she is although they are intimidated by her size at first. She gets along great with our other dogs and is now a wonderful babysitter to our new puppies."       Jennie 12/2007

"She's getting pretty big. Her favorite things to do are digging giant holes and chewing everything in sight, but we still love her. She loves swimming in our koi pond and even caught a fish!"       Jennie 7/2007

Zeke & Malachi

"Just wanted to give you a quick update on the boys. They are both doing great and Malachi is growing by leaps and bounds. He has discovered how to scale the gates in our house, something Zeke never cared to really ever figure out, however he can only do it when Zeke is not around."       RJ & Jessie 3/2008

"Everyone is doing great. Malachi has moved right on in and is a great addition to our home. The two pups play constantly and the only time it is quiet is when they are either sleeping or they are doing something mischievous together. Fortunately the latter does not happen too often. Zeke loves him so much and neither one likes being separated from one another."       RJ & Jessie 2/2008

"Malachi is doing great, he is slowly exploring his new home, very interested in Zeke. Zeke is absolutely beside himself with enthusiasm. He wants to play constantly and we are slowly putting the two of them together in short amounts with heavy supervision. We truly mean it when we say that we feel truly blessed to have the two of them in our lives."     RJ & Jessie 1/2008

"Zeke is doing great. He is getting so big, he weighed in on his 6 month birthday at 75 pounds. He is a great pup and we feel very blessed to have him in our life."       RJ & Jessie 12/2007

"We are having a lot of fun together and he is growing up very fast. He is very intelligent and knows how to manipulate the system to get what he wants. We have taken him swimming a couple of times and he is just not sure about it quite yet. We tossed a vest on him and he seemed to just like to float with Jessie. He continues to be the dog Jessie and I have waited a long time for. Thanks again for everything."       RJ & Jessie 10/2007

"Zeke is doing absolutely great. He is right on pace for the 10 lbs a month you forecasted. We go on very long walks together...he loves meeting new people and new dogs, although he is not very fond of the ones that bark. Overall he is doing great....I love him to death and have begun to consider another...something I didn't think I would do."       RJ & Jessie 8/2007


"Everything is going great! Tula is eating like a horse and having no problems training us. She's an awesome puppy. Marcy came by yesterday and brought Tula's older brother Cheyenne and Apache (Tula's littermate). They had a great time. I can't believe how incredible Cheyenne! I had to include a couple pictures of Tula and Cheesey our cat. They are a hoot together! I swear Tula just climbed right in the bed with him. Tula really likes to sit on the cat. The cat doesn't really seem to mind that much. Thanks so much for such a wonderful addition to our family!"       Russ 2/2008


"We can't believe that Lannie is 6 months old. She is a very fun loving dog. She really enjoys people and not a bit timid meeting anyone new. Sometimes we call her "Goofy" because she acts just like a big goof ball. Of course she is still exploring everything! On Friday we had our first rain storm. Boy did that get her all wound up. She discovered the veggie garden or what used to be the veggie garden."       Norlene & Manny 12/2007

"Lannie is 4 months old already! Last weekend we adopted her a sister. Oh my, we really can't believe how much easier it is! We were both very concerned about having 2 dogs, let alone 2 puppies, but they are both very happy. Lannie's big sister is a 6 month Queensland Heeler/Shepherd and her name is Emma. They play and argue just like sisters do, but they are both so happy."       Norlene & Manny 10/2007


"Kiowa is doing fabulous. He is a riot and in charge of the entire farm. He has totally settled in and does the funniest stuff in the world. He won't let me shut the door to the house when I get home, he places his whole face in the door so I can't shut it until I let him in for a piece of cheese. He lays in the snow banks all over the property but mainly he will lay in the large pasture 10 feet away from both of the lambs. He guards them."       Danna 2/2008

"I now own Kiowa and he is an absolute joy. I would love to have another dog and I am always looking to adopt an older dog if that is ever an option. I have a 25 acre fully fenced parameter with horses, Dobermans, lambs, goats, etc. Kiowa has fit in fabulously and he is a doll. He hangs out all day with my lambs. I am so impressed with the dogs that you have produced in comparison to some that I have seen. Kiowa is truly beautiful and has the perfect disposition."        Danna 9/2007


"We still treasure every day with Tonda. He is a real character. The personality is unbelievable and some days I truly believe he plots to outsmart me!"      Ronny 5/2003

"Tonda is doing wonderful, although he rarely wants to come indoors anymore. But is still sweet as ever. He has gotten quite large as well. He's due for his yearly vet exam soon, and without a doubt he has to be over 125 lbs...and he's solid. But then, you had always thought he would turn out to be massive, and he did!"      Ronny 2/2008


"He is such a joy and a total sweetheart. Now that we've gotten the opportunity to share our lives with this wonderful breed, my husband and I agreed that we never want to be without a NAID. I hope you continue to breed these magnificent dogs because in the future when we're ready to get another NAID, we will most certainly want one from you!"       Amanda 1/2008

"Hello. My name is Amanda. I recently adopted a NAID and found out he originally came from your kennel. I am so excited because the people we adopted him from didn't tell us anything about his history and now we know a little more about him and the breed. His original name was Geronimo...His name is now Timber and he is beautiful! He's a big boy, weighing in at 125 lbs. He's so good natured and a happy boy! You breed wonderful dogs! He really is a joy to have. He loves our two kids and two other dogs. He even wants to play with the cat, but she's not having any of that."   Amanda 8/2007


"Our Koda just turned 2! He's really a lot of fun and light on his feet for such a big boy. What a crazy personality. He loves his sister Cody. They love their walks and hikes. We're heading out to the lake tomorrow which may still have some snow which Koda will love to roll in. He's not quite the chewer he was. Also, Cody has helped him overcome his fear of riding in the truck, no more car sickness."       Lynne & Steve 5/2005

"Koda's a charmer. We got a buddy for him, a 2 year old female german shepherd mix (Cody) from a rescue shelter. They adore each other. Now he has someone to play with when we're not home."       Lynne & Steve 5/2004

Dakota Mei

" give a short story that I can gloat about my dog...and smile because my husband was here to witness how great she is. I was in the family room sitting on the floor folding socks and my two youngest girls (almost 2 and almost 4) ran outside to play. They are never outside without me but I could see them through the window so I figured it was OK for a few minutes. I kept watching them through the window to check on them, and my husband was cooking dinner. I heard Dakota bark so I lifted my head and noticed she was jumping towards a particular side of the yard and pulling on her lead to do it. I jumped up and ran towards the door and told my husband that Dakota was saying that the girls were doing something they shouldn't be. He asked how I knew and I told him because of how she was acting. Sure enough, the 3 year old was at the top of the waterfall for our pond (which is about 3 feet deep), and the 1 year old was halfway up the same hill the waterfall is built in to. I rounded the girls back into the house and made sure I thanked Dakota for telling on the girls! My husband said nothing but he's the type who says little but thinks much....I know he got the picture."     Tia 9/2005

"Last Sunday I took Dakota to a dog park close to my house. I'd never tried this before because, since Dakota dances to the beat of her own drum, I was worried I wouldn't be able to catch her to bring her home. The park is quite large, 6 ft fence, double gated at the opening...a leash free zone. There is a doggie water fountain and balls all around. She had a ball! We all did. She was so good and very submissive to the other dogs, not the least inkling of aggression. We ended up staying for 2 hours. Her favorite play friend was a 3 1/2  month old puppy. She actually prefers "baby" to full grown. I guess its because their energy levels are the same! These two were so comical, and it is so impressive to watch how Dakota "knows" to be gentle with the little ones...nudging with her nose, not biting or nipping; and being very careful not to step on them. I am very glad to have braved taking her to this park and I wish I'd have done it sooner."       Tia 10/2005

Satish & Tacoma

"Satish is just a little over 6 months now and has already been on his first canoe trip over the fourth of July weekend. He's a great swimmer and even has his own pool. We feel blessed to have him as he bring joy to us everyday!"      John & Rachel 7/2004

"Here are pictures of Tacoma at 6 months. He is getting very big! Not as big as Satish - he's 127 lbs!       John & Rachel 10/2005


"Alo is awesome. He has a very strong spirit. Don't get me wrong, he's very obedient and loving but likes things his way. He loves to talk and howl, and I mean howl, gives ya neighbors enjoy it. "       Tim 10/2004


"Just thought I'd give you an update on our little boy (who is not so little anymore), Stryder. His behavior has improved a lot since we first got Diogi. They have become the best of friends and just adore each other. Sure, they still compete for attention, but I know that they could not picture their lives without each other. Stryder is so happy to have a playmate. He is much more settled and can actually relax when he comes in the house now. He still occasionally will try to test me, but we are continually working on that. He is still the most loving dog I have ever owned! He is just such a baby. Diogi is the total dominant one. It's funny to see since she is only half his size. I think when it comes down to it, he is just a strict gentleman. If she is drinking he will wait for her to finish. If she is biting him he whines as if to tell her "please stop". He, of course, will eventually bite back, but it is never in anger or to be hurtful. Just out of puppy playfulness. They fill my life with so much joy, its hard to explain. I just cannot thank you enough for breeding such a unique and wonderful dog. He is like a King and has a very "old, wise" look about him. Totally majestic!"       Tricia 1/2005


"I have attached a few photos taken of Kera last week. I can't believe she's two! I'm still waiting for her to grow up, but generally speaking she's a very good girl. I wish I could have two, because she would just love having the company all the time. She has her cushion beside the wood stove and likes to use the firewood for a pillow. We walk in the woods most days and she has gotten very good about coming when I call - even if she is chasing a grouse. Having lots of treats on hand doesn't hurt."       Suzanne 1/2007

"Just a quick update - Kera is healthy and happy and really enjoying her newfound freedom with her electronic collar. It has helped make our relationship with each other much more pleasurable! She has turned into a swimming fool, and maybe should have been named "Otter" as a friend of mine suggested when she saw the puppy pictures."       Suzanne 9/2006

"We have been training her on an electronic collar and it's going very well. She can now be free out in the yard while I'm gardening, etc. She doesn't even try to go visit her German Shepherd friend next door and follows me around like a puppy dog. We can go for a walk in the woods with no leash and doesn't stray too far - keeps coming back to check on me in between chasing grouse and other critters. It has been a long process, but has really paid off for both of us. I'm really glad she can have more freedom now."       Suzanne 6/2006

Jacy Tyee

"I have attached a couple new pictures of Jacy now that he has just celebrated his 3rd birthday. He continues to show us how intelligent he is. Jacy is a naturally dominant dog. One day, he and I got into a "fight" (I had to straddle him) and I won! It is so important for us to establish dominance over these dogs; it means everything in how well they behave. And this is especially true when they're so intelligent. He continues to delight me and nurture my knowledge of canine psychology. I've been quite surprised this year that even during the very cold temps 0 degrees and below, he likes to be outside for hours."       Lonie 1/2008

"Jacy is doing great - he now weighs 115 pounds. I've been biking with him a couple of miles almost every day and he really likes it. It really helps him with his energy around the house - meaning he's so well behaved now that he has a healthy outlet for his energy. I adore him - he looks at me like he wants to tell me something all the time. He accepts me as his leader. I've been watching the Dog Whisperer a little bit and it's really helped me understand these dogs."       Lonie 8/2007

"Jacy is turning out to be one of the most clever and absolutely the smartest dog I have ever known. He is amazing at the dog park. If he sees a smaller dog getting kind of bullied on, he will insert himself between the smaller dog and the dog tormenting. He uses his mouth to steer their heads away. We now have a 100% malamute puppy and Jacy trains him constantly as well. He's really quite amazing."       Lonie 12/2006

Cody & Jack

"Both did very well and recovered really fast. (from neutering surgery) They are back to WWE Wrestling cage match in their run with no problems. It was tough keeping them calm when they came home, but they both did pretty good in the house keeping still. Both passed out from their adventure that day and were fine after a couple of hours. They were separated for the first time out of view from each other at the vet. The staff took pictures of them trying to find each other through the brick wall separating them!"       Dave & Cindy 8/2006

"We had to build the guys a fenced in play area outside with they love and made it a lot easier for us to get them into a routine. They are very smart puppies and are sometimes sneakier than our daughters! They are so full of energy and affectionate. We are attempting to go for walks on a regular basis, however I call it the daily sniff and drag!"       Cindy 1/2006

"All is well, the boys are growing and having fun with each other. Jack is over 50 pounds now and Cody is not far behind. They spend most of the time outside. They seem to be most comfortable out there and they have their own area in the garage at night. They come in throughout the day and get very warm quickly and start to pant, so out they go and the wrestling continues outside."       Dave & Cindy 1/2006


"Toka barked when he was around 7 months old. He barked the perfect amount...just enough to give a warning. His voice is deep and perfect. We were so happy to hear him barking. We are also glad that we don't have to deal with too much barking like many other dog owners do. He also sings when I play piano."       Susan 9/2006


"Neche is doing great. She is about 95% house trained with an occasional accident. She hits the bells attached to the door when she wants to go outside. She learned to walk on a leash with very little pulling, she sits and stays on command. Over all she is very sweet and eager to learn. I'm really impressed with her."       Tony 1/2006


"Timber is so good with Cody. He follows us everywhere and loves to cuddle. Cody took his first steps yesterday and Timber helped!. He's doing so great in his puppy class...he is unbelievably smart. We want to thank you guys again for our beautiful baby, he means the world to us."       Tara 7/2006


"Nahane is the sweetest puppy. I'm taking him to obedience class and he's so smart, but stubborn. He's a great jogging partner! He is best friends with our dog Charlie and of course my 3 year old daughter. He plays gently with Charlie, even though Charlie can walk under him. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, beautiful dog."       Andrea 9/2006


"I just thought I would let you know just how well Miakoda has grown. The initially named runt of the pack is now a whopping 111.6 pounds at 1 year! Wow!! I did not realize just how much he's grown from the day I picked him up at the airport. He went from 17 to 111 pounds and still has a bit more growing. He makes me proud."       Shanna 2/2007


"Shyanne is doing really well. Both dogs are in and out of the house everyday. We do have Skylar pulling sleds, but Shyanne would rather sit and watch. We will wait until next winter and work with her again. Skylar loves to run from her and get her to chase  him. Well, Shyanne learned that she can chase him at first and then waits for him to run towards her and past her, then she will get up and chase him for a few seconds and then waits again for him to come to. It is so cute to watch. She is such a sweetheart, she would rather be in the house with us instead of outside. They are like having 2 toddlers in the house again."       Barb 1/2007


"Here are some updated 1 year photos of Skuya. she is doing well....she's awesome.  You'll see her doggie buddy Chiva in one of the pictures. Having another dog around really does wonders for her."       Matt & Janey 3/2007

"I think Skuya is one of the most behaved dogs at the dog park. She is really, really good with all dogs and is now even starting to break up little dog spats at the dog park."       Matt & Janey 10/2006

"People have been so impressed with Skuya at the dog parks because she is the sweetest dog there and a complete lover. In fact, we met one dog who had three legs and no other dog wanted to play with her except Skuya. She sniffed the area where the leg was missing and rolled over on her back for the dog. The owner was almost in tears and just delighted that Skuya was so sweet. Thank you so much for breeding this fine animal."       Janey & Matt 8/2006

Juno & Koa

"They are doing very well. Juno has started howling especially when he wants to get my attention and to let him inside. they are good communicators and very lovable. Koa is very confident, eager to please, but occasionally a little stubborn. He always looks like he is smiling and has a very playful, sometimes a little goofy personality. He is a big brute of a puppy. I would guess that he is around 115-120 lbs now and he still hasn't grown into his paws or filled out yet. Juno is a little more cautious. He is developing more confidence. He is always alert and more sly and cunning than Koa. He still wiggles like a puppy when he comes up to greet you and will usually get a full tongue on you when he can. He's quick! He has learned that he would prefer to be inside with me than to hang out in the backyard. He likes to lie on the living room floor in front of the fireplace."       Lisa 12/2007

"Koa & Juno are great! They are ready for intermediate training or long leash training. They are very bright and eager to please. The sleep in my bedroom. They generally prefer the floor - its a little cooler - but when the alarm goes off, they jump into bed and cuddle a bit and try to catch a few more zzz's. Koa is a bit of a snorer. I am really glad that I adopted both of them. They are such sweet guys, but they do have different personalities. I would definitely be missing out had I not got both of them."       Lisa 8/2007

"Koa and Juno are doing great! They are really sweet and bob between brotherly sparring and brotherly love. I have a really nice little garden house/shed (approximately 8'x8') with lots of windows. They have claimed this as their own little house! I doubt that I will ever get my gardening equipment in there now, but that's okay."       Lisa 3/2007

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