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How do you stop your puppy from chewing your valuables?
The following tips will help protect your valuables from your puppy's teeth and redirect his teeth to approved chew toys.

·  Never give your puppy objects to chew that are similar to objects you don't want chewed. If you give your puppy a pair of old socks to chew he won't be able to tell the difference between the discarded socks and the new socks he might find in your laundry room.

·  If your puppy doesn't have approved chew toys he will chew on whatever he can find. Supply him with chew toys as a deterrent to him chewing on your furniture and cushions. The toys should not be small enough that your puppy might swallow them and they should not be so big that it's difficult for him to grasp with his teeth. Balls, squeak and rope toys are favorites. It may help to rub your hands over the toy before giving it to your puppy so that your smell is on the toy.

·  If your puppy has a favorite chew toy give it a name. Use that name consistently. When he is chewing on something you don't want chewed ask him where his favorite toy is, using its name. When he finds the right toy praise him a lot.

·  Make sure that you don't leave anything lying around that you don't want chewed. One of the reasons puppies chew on shoes is because they are usually left where puppies can reach them. If your puppy starts to chew on something you don't want chewed say "No!" and offer him an approved toy.

·  Supervise your puppy. If you have to leave him alone he should be confined to one dog-proofed room.

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