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The Native American Indian Dog is a breed of dog that has been selectively bred to give the appearance and versatility of the original Native American Indian Dog (or a re-creation, you might say). There is no claim being made that these dogs have genuine Native American Indian dog bloodlines from the early days, however, the bloodlines of all the breeding stock at Terra Pines does have actual acquired Indian Dogs in their genetics. We acquired our original breeding dogs from the founding breeder. She originally acquired dogs from Indian Reservations in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho and Montana and selectively cross bred them with Malamute, German Shepherd, and Chinook to match the coloring, size and temperament as closely as possible to the dogs used by the tribes, based on available pictures and historical information from the Native Americans. Once she was satisfied with the temperament and versatility of the dogs, she acquired a US patent for the breed.

As with all breeds, you start out with mutts and end up with a registerable breed. All purebred dogs, including AKC dogs, started out as mutts - combinations of different dogs bred together to get certain characteristics and traits. Once recognized by a registration, they now become purebreds. This breed is no different. The Native American Indian Dog breed is recognized by the National Kennel Club (NKC) as purebred dogs. All of our breeding dogs and all puppies born at Terra Pines are registered with the NKC.

Average Height 26"-32" at shoulder
Average Weight 70-120 pounds
Hair Coat Medium length to long with a dense heavy undercoat that sheds once a year. Requires little grooming¹. People with allergies or asthma to dog dander or hair may be able to own these animals. Hypoallergenic so to speak.²
Coat Colors White to silver, gray/black, tan, rust/black and broken pattern, tortoise shell, black and the very rare red or blue.
Eye Color Amber to brown. Disqualification: Blue
Characteristics Webbed feet for snow travel and swimming.  Large, expressive eyes.  Medium long to long triangular shaped head, wide between the eyes, extending down to a slender muzzle. Prick ears. Disqualification: flop ears
Exercise Moderate. Prefers to be outside much of the time.
Utilization Can be used as hunters of small and large game and as sled animals and pack animals. These dogs are a very loyal and protective family companion.
Temperament Highly intelligent, intuitive and sensitive animal. Very loyal to family members and good with children. Non aggressive breed, great with other household pets and large livestock.
Life Span 14-20 years

¹Throughout most of the year there is very little shedding. When the undercoat sheds, it is a considerable amount of hair requiring daily grooming, usually lasting about a month. If you live in a warmer climate where the undercoat is not needed for warmth in the winter, you may find that the NAID will shed the undercoat as it grows in. Improper diet or stress will also lead to excessive shedding.

²In our experience, people with asthma type allergic reactions to dogs can typically own this breed with no reaction. People who get hives from exposure to dogs may still have a reaction to this breed. If you have any concerns regarding allergies in your family, please email us and request a hair sample. 

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